History of the London-Middlesex Stamp Club

Stamp collecting has been "alive and well" in London, Ontario for over 160 years! Early newspaper reports show stamp collecting was part of the Provincial Exhibition held in London in 1862.

On a more formal basis the "London Philatelic Club" was formed in 1892. From these humble beginnings the hobby grew and in 1924, was re-organized as "The London Philatelic Society." The club's main project at the time was sponsorship of a stamp show at Western Fair as a part of the newly-formed Hobby Department of the Fair. The Society has operated continuously every year, meeting twice monthly.

In 1950, eleven members of the Society decided the time had come for a second adult stamp club in the city. The Middlesex Stamp Circle was organized with a constitution which placed emphasis on the development of amateur philately through co-operative study, discussion, and good fellowship. This has been the theme of its meetings which have been held twice monthly from September to May.

Times change and whispers began questioning the need for two stamp clubs in London. As the whispers grew louder and demographics changed, both clubs decided the time for re-unification had arrived. In the spring of 2023 members of both clubs decided unanimously to join forces. The London-Middlesex Stamp Club was born with the first official meeting scheduled for August 25, 2023.